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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Edwardian Outer Wear

Don't know about you, but here in Western Colorado, it has been on the cold side the last few days.  Been raining, which is  much needed, but I have worn a sweater for the last couple of days.  Autumn is definitely in the air.

So, keeping with the Edwardian theme I have been on for the last week or so, here are some wonderful pictures and images of some of the things our Edwardian Women ancestors wore.

 Opera Coat by Pingat
 This is an ensemble were the long bodice was made to resemble a coat .... love the red!
 This is but one of Mr. Worths incredible creations

 Hunting party:  Many woman took part in the sport of hunting
 Fur stoles and muffs were all the rage

 Look at this incredible Cardigan!
I think I am long overdue making outer wear!   Perhaps it is time to bring out the fabrics and begin creating .... if not for this year, then I definitely have it on the list for next

And as always, have a wonderful day, and remember to smile you beautiful smile
If you are interested in House of Poleigh Naise website, I invite you to take a peek:

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