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Monday, February 3, 2014

I really need to improve on getting in the habit of writing .... Especially when there are lots of things going on  and dresses to show you.

Let us begin with 1950's Retro, shall we?  Two items completed and listed on etsy.  Very glad about this as well!  I don't know about you, but as I look around, I am seeing more and more women gravitating to Retro.  Both for its style and for perhaps yearning for a more romantic and feminine lifestyle.

Here in Colorado I am writing, while glancing out the window, seeing it snow.  Great big huge flakes falling straight down, with an occasional swirl as a whiff of breeze tickles their fancies.  It's cold though.  And when it is cold, I think of wool.  The two piece ensemble is made from that "oh so soft" wool that just says, "I am warm".
 There is nothing lovelier than a pretty yellow dress!  It makes you think of the warmer  months ahead.  Weddings are in some women's minds as are those  dreamy thoughts of Proms with the younger gals.  What ever it is, this dress captures the imagination with that simple elegance.
I don't like letting go with the idea of making little girl's clothes.  So I am not going to.  I don't care how old a female may be, it is no fun showing up some place seeing the same thing on another gal.  Our clothes are supposed to speak for us.  They are ours, and ours alone.  I also find myself gravitating to that touch of era past, but delight in using the modern twist of fabrics in their creation.  It just makes it little more fun.

On the cutting table today is another little girls dress, as well as the fabrics for a 1940's ensemble.  Looking forward to showing you them to you!  I also have the picture of  1876 Natural Form era gown I want to replicate out of a fun stripe fabric and there are images in my mind of a 1950's ball gown complete with huge bow and sash ....

So I will leave you today to get back to my studio.  Have a wonderful day and smile!