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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Edwardian Parasol and Walking Stick

I am kind of on an Edwardian kick this week with making these two ensembles.
On bright sunny days, a parade of open umbrellas and parasols would be seen on the streets or park lanes. They were as important to a woman's accessory list as were her gloves and hat.  Their styles were endless, from handles being long or short, and covers from plain to ornate with lace and embellishments, but it was essential to her fashion.

Every self respecting Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen, many ladies, and even children used walking sticks throughout the eras. Often were used as a measure of social status, wealth, and power.  

Walking sticks of the era were decorated with intricate designs, jewels, gold, silver, porcelain, glass.  Some were used to hide things like flasks and swords. And it is said, Queen Victoria had an impressive collection of them.

 Seriously, who doesn't like Granny, and she was rarely caught without it.
On this note, I bid you all a wonderful day, and as always, remember to smile
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