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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ghost Mothers .... seems approriate for October

Have you seen those creepy pictures of the 1800's where small children are sitting on the lap of a drape covered Mother?  What on earth would possess a parent to have a picture like this in a family album or hanging on the wall?

First off, getting a child to sit still even now is a struggle!  Even with the fast exposures we have these days, you will still get a blurry picture, because that sweet child of yours simply can not sit still.  Imagine the frustration of a parent of the 19th century, who just wants a picture of their child, or children, who HAVE to sit very still for a longer period of time! Probably is not going to happen LOL

The answer?  For many it was throwing a blanket over the head of Dear Ole Mom so the focus would be completely on little Sally or Sam.  Thus, those weird creepy ole pictures you see cropping up from time to time.

Photographs were a priceless memento, and sometimes drastic measures were taken get those children captured, but sorry Mom, it is not just your children we see, and very sorry to tell you, all of these years later the focus is not "just" on them.

I much prefer this one

And on that note, I wish you a wonderful day, and remember to smile!


  1. I am smiling. I enjoyed the reading & the information it imparted. Thank you. Hope you are smiling also. <3

  2. I "am" smiling, Ann, and thank you very much enjoying! I love the old pictures and history behind them :)