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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet Gothic Lolita

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

All is well here in Beautiful Western Slope of Colorado ... other than it is HOT, and we could use some rain. Hopefully that can be remedied this weekend.

I had a blast with the Gothic Lolita!  Turned out soooo cute!

It is for sale on both of my etsy and ebay sites.  Here is the esty listing:

 I absolutely love how the back of the Caplet turned out, and adding the little sailor collar feature is adorable
 Yesterday afternoon I finished the Victorian Gothic skirt and I am loving the direction it is going.  For some unknown reason .... okay I do know ... I kept adding to the decoration of it.  I couldn't help myself!  It just kept screaming for more, so more it received.
I wanted to keep the red to a minimum in the skirt and I think by putting it in this way turned out super enticing.  Today I start the overskirt, so more pictures later, an it is my hope this Victorian Gothic will be listed over the weekend, as I keep thinking of another Victorian Gothic I want to make. Think black (of course) and Amethyst!  Yummy

On a side note, It is looking more and more my Corgi female, Abba, is with Puppy
Boston seems nonplussed LOL His favorite sleeping position, by the way hahaha

So, September could be an interesting and excited month for me and my dog pack family ...

Wishing all of you a beautiful an wonderful day. Remember to smile!

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