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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Beginnings ... An Escape from Today

How does one begin?

First of all, House of Poleigh Naise has been a viable business for several years.  The creation of gowns from the Victorian and Edwardian era has been an absolute joy for me.  Taking a picture from the past and recreating its image has given many women the opportunity to step back into time.  An escape from today?  For some, I suppose, but that is their story to tell.

My Story:  In 1984, I visited Fort Laramie, in Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, a Living History location depicting the Indian Wars era which impacted the lives of many Americans traveling en route during the western movement of our American History.  Fort Laramie was but one Military Outpost along the route obtaining economic and religious freedom for many individuals migrating from east to west. Visit for more information to this wonderful place!

While walking the area with my little family, I was struck with how some of the gowns the women interpreters were wearing were somehow not quite right.  Not to sound prudish, mind you, because that is not the impression I want to give.  The fort was dealing with financial struggles just like everyone else, and used what was available (I think).  However, I wanted to give them something.  I wanted to give myself something as well ... the opportunity to educate myself with 1870's women clothing, and the gift of an ensemble.  They purchased the materials and I donated my time and made the ensemble from the complete undergarments to the gown.  I loved it! 
Yes, that is me in 1984 wearing the first gown I ever made ..... The red gown above is actually the second to last gown made 30 years later.  However, what began as an opportunity to learn, has now become a business in order to financially support myself, a now single 55 year old woman, who still craves the historical hunger of women's clothing from bygone eras.

Where is House of Poleigh Naise going in 2014?  Well, Victorian and Edwardian will still be key factors, but there will be additions with 1900 to 1960's as well.  In fact, a 1950's dress is just about complete.

My items can be purchased through ETSY:  I can also be found on Facebook: House of Poleigh Naise.  There is a "My ETSY Shop" link there which gives customers the opportunity to purchase with a 15% discount.

Journey with me, will you? 

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